GreenManRadio is America’s Podcast for All Things Gardening
We think we’re a little different from other gardening sites.

Our primary medium is the Podcast. But there are some things that just can’t be described as well as they can be shown. So we round out our unique gardening radio show with some special features.

  • Exclusive Interviews The GreenMan goes to the source, talking to the movers and shakers of the gardening and landscape world. Garden personalities like Mel Bartholomew, inventor of Square Foot Gardening and Tom Szaky, mastermind and founder of TerraCycle. Insightful interviews you’ll hear nowhere else!
  • In-depth Articles We go into extra detail and provide you more complete information than you can get in an ordinary radio show.
    You can really get into the subject, or just give it a glance.
  • Our articles are great for everybody from beginners to pros!
  • Thorough Answers To Your Questions Sometimes a problem can be worked out quickly. Sometimes it takes more. We’ll take the time and make the effort to really look into your gardening questions and get you the information you need, when you need it.
    Unique Features Enjoy the unique, heartwarming stories, poems and articles from Green Prints Magazine, “The Weeder’s Digest”.
  • Up To Date News and Events We’re not locked into a publication deadline. You can find the latest information on happenings in the gardening world while they’re still fresh.
    Beautiful Photography Every issue features gorgeous gardens, luminous landscapes and easy to follow, step-by-step illustrations for our projects and designs.
  • And if you’re a photographer who has garden images you’d like to share, join the GreenMan’s Flickr Photo sharing group! Just click on the Flickr icon and sign up!

So please, relax and browse a while. Check out the latest podcast. Look over a new article or just enjoy the great pictures. We want you to consider yourself at home.